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Lizzie's Day at the Lake


Lizzie was in a mood, she decided to make a trip to the local lake to calm down. The water was always a source of comfort for her and today she really needed comfort. She finally arrived at the lake, after driving down the winding road to get to her destination. Lizzie parked her truck near the water’s edge and just relaxed looking at the lake. The calming nature of the lake brought about another issue for Lizzie. She began getting aroused, there was a slight moisture building between her legs as she relaxed looking out onto the beautiful lake. Lizzie looked around, she thought what the heck?… Read more

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Helping the Neighbor

HardcoreGroup SexMature

Our neighbors, Greta and Paul lived behind us and they were great. They were around sixty but were in great shape. My wife, Sherry, and I would go to the gym with them and have them over all the time. Both Paul and Greta were in great shape and I have to admit I kind of had a thing for Greta and even at one point Paul and I talked about a wife swap. Paul was pretty sure Greta would be up for it and I felt the same about Sherry. But sadly Greta died unexpectedly leaving Paul all alone. After that we did not see too much of Paul and when we did he seemed unhappy and that maybe he was not adjusti… Read more

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New neighbour


Just a story........ The New neighbour The new family next door are all very friendly, especially Dan. I love to watch out of the window around 4pm to see Dan saunter up the drive his hair tousled, eyes sparkling as we wave to each other. I am home alone feeling very naughty. My mind is full of lustful thoughts. I devise a plan. Dressing carefully in my little white dress which skims the cheeks of my peachy bottom and reveals my long, shapely, toned legs to perfection. I head to the telephone. My heart racing I dial his number, waiting with baited breath. “Hello Dan speaking, who is this?” h… Read more

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African Sperm For Paula

MasturbationInterracial SexVoyeur

[ This is dedicated to a young couple from Poland (who's name's I am changing for privacy reasons, etc.). Though I have only just begun getting to know 'Paula' and 'Stefan', as I will call them here, many of the details contained here are at least very close to being true and factual. So, to 'Paula' and 'Stefan'---I hope this does justice your experience as an emerging interracial cuckold married couple! You are, by no means, at all alone it such a quest! ] Paula had known Habib for quite sometime where they both worked. Though Paula was married to Stefan, and loved him, she'd always been ve… Read more

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The Reparations Act

HardcoreInterracial SexTaboo

The story written below is a work of erotic fiction written by me. It might be a bit long for those that just want to read about fucking but I was trying to create a realistic scenario. I hope you enjoy it! The Reparations Act   The Reparations Act. Nobody gave it much of a thought when a few years back a small faction of people from the liberal far left started making noise about how white people should be paying reparations to black people for the years of social and racial injustices that they had endured for so long. Like what did it even mean? During the tenure of the lat… Read more

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Straight to gay in 3 days

First TimeGay MaleAnal

In the 90s I had 2 close friends that attended different high schools. Bobby went to my school and Lee went to a school across town. It seemed like every week on of them would come over the the other the following day or night. My step dad worked out of town and my mom work an evening shift so we would have the house to ourselves most of the time. They liked coming to my place because my step dad had a huge collection of porn mags and VHS. We would watch porn or flip thru the mags then awkwardly walk yo the bathroom with our rock hard cocks and jerk off. We would watch hours of porn and not sa… Read more

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Dirty Love: Taboo Tales of the Springfield Three

TabooFirst TimeVoyeur

A sign on the side of a building reads, “Welcome to the Pink Poodle, Springfield’s Finest Gentlemen’s Club”… And then we’re inside. It’s a cheesy, dark, noisy – BUSY – dive. Plenty of ‘gentlemen’ enjoying a drink whilst mostly naked woman dance (or writhe) on the stage and in a couple of cases, on the businessmen themselves. We watch one woman in particular, spinning around a pole, upside down, legs spread wide with a g-string barely covering her crotch. Under the harsh flashing lights we can make out that she’s slim, clearly fit and healthy, with small but nicely shaped boobs. Her hair is a… Read more

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Cum Craving Coworker Adapts to a Pandemic Part 2


If you want the details of the players and where this starts you’ll have to read part 1 as I don’t want to recap in part 2 Needless to say, the mask that Kelly stuffed up her gorgeous pussy that day was my favorite. However, it did begin to lose her wonderful scent and taste after a few days. Of course it was my favorite one to wear. Getting office time was difficult with the limitations and it was 3 days before I could get back in for what I hoped would be another encounter with Kelly. I have to admit I thought… Read more

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He Photographed My Pussy by fbailey


Mom was entertaining the Church Finance Committee at our house. They had been meeting at various houses over the past few weeks trying to figure out if they could repair the roof on the church. They planned several fundraisers and the meeting at our house was to try and finalize the latest one. There were six women, including my own mother. The minister’s wife was there, a banker’s wife, the mayor’s wife, the high school principle, and the wife of the man that owned most of the downtown businesses. Dad had been trying to remodel the bathroom but it was not even close to being finished. The b… Read more

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Fun in the Maspalomas Sand Dunes continued

VoyeurMasturbationGroup Sex

So there you were still on all fours cum leaking from your pussy and ass and your face smeared with cum from sucking those cocks clean. The two strangers had left and I was laying there looking at my cum soaked sub and stroking my cock as you moved over to my lap and sank your mouth on to my cock. We enjoyed the sun and the sand as we played relaxed and played through the day me filling your mouth and pussy and ass again with cum as we idled the day away. The sun was setting as we were thinking about going when the same two guys from before came past again, I smiled and said hello as they came… Read more

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Fun in the Maspalomas Sand Dunes

VoyeurGroup SexMasturbation

Well we were staying at the La Mirage swinging holiday resort in Maspalomas in Gran Canaries and we were looking forward to all the fun we could have with all the like minded couples also staying at the hotel and all the strangers we would meet down in the sand dunes. As we were met at reception we could see all the sexy people wondering around the pool area naked and free as birds laughing and joking with each other some playing some just relaxing at the bar and sunbathing. We looked at each other and knew we had come to the right place. We were both horny and wanted to fuck so we dropped our… Read more

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Beach holiday pt 2

VoyeurMasturbationGroup Sex

Well we had such a fun day that we decided to try the beach again and this time we were going to the nudist part that our friends from yesterday were telling us about. I had convinced you to go nude and as we got to th nudist beach there was a big dune and some cabins to get changed in, We had never been to a nudist beach but as we had fucked on a regular beach I didn’t see it being much of a problem. We got changed and wondered out you holding my hand tight as we walked along in the dunes looking for a nice spot near to the water but secluded enough from others, we found a perfect spot and du… Read more

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Pool time excitement (Part 3)

First TimeGay MaleVoyeur

I heard Ryan’s voice from behind the fence. “Sorry Mr. Wilson. I’ll be right over to get the ball. Don’t get up” Could I be this lucky? I am so horny from reliving my college experience and need relief. I wonder what Ryan will say when he sees me laying here naked and with a hard on? Should I take that chance? I decided not to play coy. I saw him watching me from his 2nd-story window while I played with myself and came. I laid there and listened for the door latch. CLICK CLACK. There it was. I didn't move and waited for Ryan to say something. “Sorry to both…Oh I’m really sorry Mr. Wilson. I d… Read more

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Inside Maple Grove, chapter 2

Interracial SexLesbian Sex

A story about one families bid to conquer Boston’s Elite A Fantasy created by Ted Guy based on an idea by Julie Van. Chapter 2 Stella Harris had led a pretty charmed life. The only daughter of wealthy parents, her father being an investment banker, she had been given every opportunity to do well for herself. She went to all the right schools and knowing she would never have to work her parents had allowed her to follow her love of tennis, enabling her to have a very good amateur career. The combination of good looks, a tall and athletic physique and mixing in the right circles had seen her… Read more

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slut abuse in the woods

AnalBDSMShemale Porn

It had been several months since my first time out. since then id been out buying some new outfits and was taking my cross-dressing a little more seriously. practicing my make-up skills and gradually removing most of my body hair .it did feel much nicer when dressing up and made me feel much more feminine . Spring was in the air and the evenings were getting warmer I was starting too feel quite horny for the first time in a while … I was still pretty much in the closet but had been going out for walks late at nite and often got whistled at as guys drove past ..which was a huge w… Read more

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Passion For Cock

BDSMInterracial SexFirst Time

It was an anonymous meeting, set up through a popular Internet site. The profile specified I was looking for a transsexual or a transgender woman with nice legs and feet. Basically I was looking for a chick with a cock to satisfy my fetishes for legs, stockings, feet, cock, and cum. Natasha walked into the lobby bar and she was stunning…5’10”, 140 lbs, red hair, and blue eyes. She wore a miniskirt with black stockings and open-toed slides. With her 36C breasts there would have been no way to tell she had packed the most beautiful 9 inch cock into her panties. I kissed her on the cheek and we… Read more

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Fucked by Hope

Gay MaleInterracial SexGroup Sex

Hope jumped onto the bed and straddled my body. Warm, morning light filtered through the half-open curtains and reflected on her long, damp, dark-brown hair. It glistened with moisture from the shower she had just taken and framed her excited face. She threw her white towel onto the wooden floor of my apartment, placed her hands on her hips, and grinned at me. My eyes scanned over her lightly-bronzed body. She was clad in nothing but a black bra and matching panties. I was utterly mesmerized. "Morning, sexy," she said, as her ass rested on my stomach. "Morning, beautiful," I replied, unable… Read more

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At The Club

AnalFetishGay Male

I was at the bar one Friday night after a long, long week at work. It was one of these weeks where at the end you tell yourself you need a drink. I was still new to this town and haven't been out that much so I went to a bar near where I live in case I decided to drink myself into a stupor. I got there about 7 and went right up to the bar to order my drink. Once I got my drink I took the bar in. It was more of a club then a bar, the type that late at night would be filled with drunken idiots dancing and grinding on the dance floor. The place was only a third full but surprisingly there were m… Read more

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Un Fill Fulled


My older sister Kay had been married for a couple of years now. She wasn't getting along with her hubby Rick very well these days. Kay would stop by my apartment to complain about the state of her marriage. "Why do you stay with that guy?" I would ask her. She didn't have to answer me, I knew the reason. Kay was on the heavy side. She had wide hips and big breasts. She suspected that Ray was cheating on her. She was afraid no one else would want her so she stayed in her unhappy marriage. We were sitting on my sofa and I was looking over her body. My sister was no beauty but I was damn horny… Read more

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She Flashed Me Her Panties by fbailey

First TimeFetishMature

I was lucky to have a girlfriend as smart and pretty as Amy was. She let me do a lot more than feel her up on our first date. I had taken her to a movie. Her mother had offered to drive us there so all I had to do was walk a few blocks to their house. As I sat on the couch waiting for Amy to come down her mother sat down in a big chair opposite of me. She started asking me questions about myself as she kept opening and closing her knees. She was not even subtle about it. She had sat on the edge of the chair and leaned back. She was wearing a miniskirt and with her knees opened up fully, I cou… Read more

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