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Getting “Turned Out.”

First TimeGay Male

Roger was older than me, but worked at the same restaurant as I did. It was my first job, my first time out in the world and I think he knew that. Maybe even wanted to take advantage of that. I was young and inexperienced when it came to sex, but like all boys that age, it was all I could think about. Now, I can’t say that I had never thought about cock before, but it wasn’t something I was looking for. I wanted girls,, however to be honest, those encounters usu… Read more

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My second embarrassing spanking


The gentleman's name that gave me my embarrassing spanking is David. Later that Sunday evening, the same day he spanked me, I received several text message pictures from him. Pictures he had taken of me with his phone and stills from the spanking video. I got so incredibly turned on by seeing all of the pictures he sent! But some of the pictures were a bit shocking. Pictures of the front of my house, a closeup of my house number, of my truck and license plate. A stark reminder of how vulnerable I was. David wanted to meet again the very next Sunday, but this time in a more public setting. He… Read more

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My neighbor

Gay Male

When i was 18 hadn't left home yet i would cut grass do odd jobs for my neighbor he was in his early 60s id watch his dog when he would go on vacation that sort of thing. Never had any sexual feelings for a guy until one day he wanted me to mow his grass so i go and i mowed his lawn weedeated mind you its in the summer time and hot as hell after i finished i went and asked him for some water he invited me in we got to talking about things in general we talked for awhile then i ask if i could use his restroom while im in the bathroom i notice he has a hustler magazine by the toilet so i start t… Read more

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School Bus Hormones

First TimeGroup SexHardcore

There’s nothing like a school bus full of High school teens in heat, and there’s nothing like high school bullies in heat. A high school immigrant from the Middle East experienced this reality first hand. She was 18 with the perkiest middle eastern nipples. Other girls envied her and did their part to mercilessly bully her for it. She had no friends, alone and kept to herself. Since the family had no vehicle, she rode the school bus each morning. Each mormning, as soon as she walked on the bus the harassment began. The mean bitch socio-pathic girls would call her all sorts of demeaning name… Read more

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School Bus Hormones

HardcoreGroup SexFirst Time

There’s nothing like a school bus full of High school teens in heat, and there’s nothing like high school bullies in heat. A high school immigrant from the Middle East experienced this reality first hand. She was 18 with the perkiest middle eastern nipples. Other girls envied her and did their part to mercilessly bully her for it. She had no friends, alone and kept to herself. Since the family had no vehicle, she rode the school bus each morning. Each morning, as soon as she walked on the bus the harassment began. The mean bitch socio-pathic girls would call her all sorts of demeaning names… Read more

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"Though your dreams be tossed and blown"


"Though your dreams be tossed and blown" A Short Story By Gentile --------- In the prime there, there in the '60's Jerry Lewis was actually beautiful; trim, hair all blacked, bathed with the Pomade and flawlessly slicked back, the black tuxedo a yearly constant. He was a sight on those weekends as we waited school starting on the following Tuesday. The final respite from the nerves of having to change from grade school to junior high and then to high school. Summer vacation was over. Life would once again, without mercy, insist. One was able to get lost in the Tiffany roll… Read more

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Tied surprise


Jay was acting strangely when he got home with a package tucked under his arm. He disappeared upstairs and told me he’d got a surprise but I wasn’t allowed to go up until he said I could. He was up there ages I was intrigued but didn’t want to spoil his surprise. Finally he called me up. I went into the bedroom Jay was naked (that is always a nice surprise) but on the bed in all 4 corners of the bed were black wrist and ankle restraints. I could feel the excitement rising straight away. Jay asked if I’d be happy to try it out. I am really bad at wriggling and struggling as I get more turned on… Read more

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fun with others

Group SexFirst TimeVoyeur

You had been in the UK for a week now and we had played every night either in the woods or at a club where you enjoyed the extra attention given to you by the single men there. But tonight was about education and I was going to show you how a cuckold lives. I had met them ages ago at the club we frequent and he was a total sub to his wife, which meant she could do exactly what she wanted whenever she wanted. She had asked me to come around one night when we were at the club her husband was sat there and we ignored him as she rubbed my leg and said would I like to come to her house and fuck her… Read more

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night at strip club

First TimeVoyeurMasturbation

As we left the sex cabins and walked out in to the night you grabbed my hand and as you pulled me towards you gave me a long slow kiss sliding your tongue deep in to my mouth before whispering in to my ear that you could feel the strangers cum running down your thighs in the night air, I squeezed your sexy ass under your jacket and said there will be a lot more of that before the night was over. You smiled and I knew you were as excited as me about what the night held in store. We walked on along the canal before seeing the sign we were looking for ’Live Sex Show’ We paid our money and went in… Read more

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the hotel

VoyeurMatureFirst Time

I sat in the plush hotel room it was my turn to wait tonight the phone call told me to go to the hotel have a shower and wait there was two bottles of champagne on the long table and a large bowl of fruit in the centre I did as I was told and showered then slipping in to by briefs I sat in one of the big chairs and opened the champagne I had just started to drink it when I heard someone at the door you opened it and came in your sexy long coat and heels peeking out from underneath it you didn’t say a word just walked over to the chair opposite me and removed your coat. From the rear I could s… Read more

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Husband surprises her with BBC

First TimeVoyeurInterracial Sex

My husband and I interesting arrangement. All of my friends tell me magical stories of how the minute they met their husbands they knew they were The One. They took one look into their eyes and they heard distant wedding bells and birds singing and all that romantic crap. I can't help but laugh. When I first met Adam, I heard no bells or birds. Honestly, the second he sidled up next to me at that bar my eyes went straight for the exits. I'm not saying he was ugly, but he just was so not my type. Average height, average build, mildly attractive face. Nothing special. Not to brag o… Read more

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Fucked in the Washroom by Sexy Jogger

Gay Male

It was a lovely Saturday morning. Time to go for my daily jog. The sun was shining and birds were chirping. I ran along side the river winding through the paved trails. It was 10 am and there were lots of people out and about. Another man jogged behind me, I could hear his footsteps. Despite having caught up to me he did not pass. I thought nothing of it. I glanced back, he was maintaining a respectful distance. He appeared to be 30 and was in great shape. Shirtless, his muscular upper body shimmered in the sun. As per usual I found I needed to take a piss, I peeled off the trail to a public w… Read more

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Jen, Mikey and me


I was in the military and took an assignment overseas and I was somewhat pleased to leave my wife, Jen, and her daughter back in the states. My wife was a domestic terror who kept me under control by using my fear of her anger. My step-daughter was as pleasant as she could be and I missed her company. We probably bonded over our subservience to her mother and our efforts at family life were very much directed at keeping the peace. Jen was in the military also and requested an assignment to my location and, within a few months, she and Michelle, her daughter who we called Mikey, arrived, and… Read more

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Today it can be climbed for the first time.

First TimeFetishGroup Sex

She has always been a horny dirty bitch and cheated on me and her husband very often but one day everything blew up and I turned the tables because I liked it when she came home in the evening and I found either in her vagina or also on the clothes traces of foreign sperm over time it made me hotter and hotter…. it was supposed to be a relatively long plan, initially she always wanted to go to the swingers club or we wanted to make someone clear in the Aachen thermal baths now I already fulfilled her wish with the swingers club but every time we were close to it she backed out So it took me a… Read more

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I opened up Pandoras Box->The Great Nebraska Pa

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

Nebraska was a different place for me. I was used to the beautiful state of California, the mountains, beaches, the snow, desert I mean Cali has everything you can ask for and more not to mention the beautiful women, the pulchritude of women Cali has to offer can’t be matched at least from any other state. I was going to be in Nebraska for at least 1yr so I had to find the best that Nebraska had to offer a young man and I did. I didn't know anyone other than my oldest aunt that I lived with my teenage brother and cousin. I literally had nothing to my name and was starting a new life for myself… Read more

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Lucky Nathan


Lucky Nathan By: Londebaaz Chohan Hanna, used to live not far from the house of Nathan’s parents. She was a divorced mother of a lovely daughter Julia who soon after school, got married to Nathan’s elder brother James and as the couple moved away, Hanna also sold the house and moved to a small town near the beach. Nathan’s mother always stayed in touch with Hanna and now came the time for Nathan’s 18th birthday. As she was speaking with Hanna and mentioned her younger son’s birthday, Hanna invited them to visit her for a beach holiday and also the birthday celebration. They agreed to keep… Read more

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Cheated On My BBC For a BBBC

AnalGay MaleInterracial Sex

Chapter 2 (The Dream to Reality) Continuation of How I Discovered BBC Anal Pleasure (Actionbran1992) as Bran. Bran went into a deep sleep, he woke up from a wet dream with a cum in his undwear from the previous session of his night getting fucked. Bran felt excited he never had a wet dream since he was a teenager it was almost as Bran was living his life as like he had puberty again his sex drive was active. He remembered his dream and bit his lips at the thought of his new realization that hes gay anal slut… Read more

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Finding Dates for My Wife Pt. 06

AnalGroup SexTaboo

Characters: Paul Scott – Lisa's husband Lisa Scott – Paul's wife Jason Wilson – Lisa's father Karen Wilson – Lisa's mother Carl – Paul's friend Ben Scott – Paul's father Rita Williams – Friend of Karen Alan Williams – Rita's Husband Charles Hose – CEO of Investment Business Steve Hose – Accountant – Son of Charles Nate Hose – 18-year-old student – Son of Steve IMPORTANT: The narrator of the chapter is the character whose name is in parentheses in the chapter title. Attention: This part of the story does contain wife sharing and i****t. All activity is consensual and fictional. If… Read more

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Ginger and I: Part 2

AnalMasturbationFirst Time

Ginger and I had both just had intense and fulfilling orgasams. We lay there spooning with me at her back and gentling stroking her beautiful breasts, I like to keep her nipples hard! She turned to me and asked, “Did you enjoy that as much as I enjoyed doing it to you?” I said, “Yes I do, I absolutely loved you fucking me in the ass, I have wanted to do that for a very long time, THANK YOU!” She just smiled, kind of a wicked little smile that says, We are gonna have a lot of fun together. We lay there in for a little bit longer, and as always happens to me when I have the pleasure of feeling… Read more

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Group SexTabooVoyeur

CHAPTER 7: SHARON & JOHN Since our discussion and establishment/agreement on my submissiveness that Sunday morning, I had all the rest of the day to begin the commitment to being naked when in the house. And Cody was definitely a dog that was aware of his surroundings. No longer was my reaction to him like it was just earlier in the morning when I reacted with sympathy for being otherwise busy. No, now I was his and he quickly picked on the fact that if he made himself known, I yielded to him. Willingly and quick… Read more

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