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Younger Brother

TabooGay MaleFirst Time

I came home early from college that semester, I knew mom and dad were out of town, my 18 year old brother and 19 year old sister staying home alone for a week. They weren't expecting me until a few days later. I went upstairs and heard noise in my sister's room, so I thought I'd go in and say hello. I didn't knock because she was still just a k** sister to me. She wasn't there, however, it was my younger brother. The shocking part though was he sat on the end of our sister's bed with a pair of her used panties in his mouth, and he was wearing another pair of her panties pulled down around his… Read more

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Taste of Brother

TabooGay MaleHardcore

I thought the whole coronavirus pandemic was going to be bad; I thought going back home from the freedoms of college was going to suck. I did not want to go back to my small city in Arizona from the New York University but unfortunately, I had no other choice. My job had shut down and I didn't want to force my parents to support me; plus I knew my brother would be home since he had just moved back home after completing his fourth year of accounting and his job had fallen through due to the new outbreak. My brother, Luca, is an accountant major at the University of California, and I am an eco… Read more

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TabooGay Male

Emily stepped in the hot shower and began to soap up. She had just finished a hot scene with Kyle, her husband stuffing her with his cock for almost two hours before filling her pussy and ass with his cum. She moaned as she moved the towel over her pussy, moving her finger deep inside to retrieve some of her husband's cum, rising it to her lips and sucking it off. In the living room, Ellie was on the couch, getting her pussy eaten by Thomas. They each had just finished scenes as well, having each experienced great orgasms. Thomas feasted on his sister's hairless pussy, Ellie moaning and archi… Read more

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First Session

First TimeGroup SexVoyeur

Let me describe my wife. Tall.5'10". Buxom is the old fashioned term. Nice pair of 38D's and long full thigh legs. She's got an arse that goes with the thighs and a bit of a belly too. She is not the prettiest of ladies but she looks great to me still at 42. The best is her gorgeous ginger hair that she still wears long, halfway down her back. She scoops it into a loose bun when she needs it out of the way to work. After just over 20 years married and two k**s going off to uni we decided we needed to put a bit of spark back into our sex life. We had known each other about 3 years before we go… Read more

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My brother caught me crossdressing


By: Anonymous It all happened 3and a half years ago.I started secretly crossdressing about an half a year before. One day my parents went out and told me that they will be late,and my b*****r was staying at his friends house (he was 17 back there and i was 14). As soon as they left the house i ran down to my mom's closet and starting picking some thing sexy from her wardrobe and i was putting it on. In that time i had my own thongs that i secretly bought,i put them on,my mom's push up bra,and her sexy red dress that has a big cleavage,and i put on her tights too.I was looking like a re… Read more

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Horny Interview


It was something I had become obsessed about and didn’t think was ever going to happen and it probably wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t for my sister – at least, not in the way I expected. With her delicate features and deep green eyes, Sara had only recently become aware of the affect she had – on men, and on the world – and was making up for lost time. Everyone, just everyone, adored Sara. But then, they didn’t know her. Things always seemed to work out for Sara, at least I always thought so, and to me, it’s just not fair. She’s a year younger than me and had suddenly shot up with long per… Read more

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Peeping Toby.


"whoa!.....stop.... there's somebody there!" Sarah said. Reluctantly pulling myself away from her erect nipple, quickly scanning the trees and foliage.....seeing nothing. Getting my breath for a second before asking "Where?...I can't see anyone" Taking her hand away from my crotch she points to a dense clump of bushes with a small gap between them and a big tree, about 50 yards away. Now I could see him. But only just, I'd been looking in the wrong place or rather wrong height, as this guy was very short indeed. At first I actually thought it was a k** but on closer inspection could see he… Read more

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Dave and Lois

MatureGroup Sex

When I was in high school in the late 90's, I was jerking off as many times a day as I could. With the slow internet connection we had, I would spend time in chat rooms having cybersex and download whatever porn I could get my hands on - ten second clips and images tht burned in my mind. I also spent a lot of time fantasizing about girls and women I encountered. I dated a little, but rarely made it past kissing a girl, or maybe feeling her up in the backseat of my car. When I was younger, I had fooled around with some of my guy friends, jerking off together and even exchanging oral a few time… Read more

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With My Colleagues Wife HARUSHI

First TimeHumor

Hi All, this is yashwanth. Please mail me your comments at desiboy75.2@gmail.com. First about myself. I’m a post-graduate working in Hyderabad. I’m 5’9” tall with fair skin. I’m smart enough and good looking. Most of the girls and auntie’s keep staring at me. So do I, Now coming to the story it happened nearly 6 months back. I had just joined and had started earning. I had a colleague named Rajesh who had become very friendly with me because he thought that I’m very smart and could help him with different issues at work. I didn’t mind it coz there was nothing to lose for me. So he started ge… Read more

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My walking in high heels /Mi caminar con tacones a


They told me to go for a walk 10 minutes before the bus arrives. I have to walk on the path the bus comes from. The only problem with the walk is that I have to stay on the sidewalk. I have to follow the path. I'm going. I can't move my hands from my side. The only thing on my body is high heels, that's all. I stepped out onto the sidewalk and heard cars, my heart started beating a little faster. I was trying to walk the 2 blocks fast enough to beat the buses. I could feel the wind blowing next to me over my naked body making me harder than I was. Listed to each nose hoping it is not a bus or… Read more

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Blackmailed by my realtor


I was already irritated, and having to drive all the way over to the house just to cancel an appointment just made it worse. My wife and I were supposed to be taking a last look at a house we wanted to buy and had an appointment to meet our realtor at the house. We weren't going to buy it after all so I tried calling Sandra to cancel but unfortunately I wasn't able to get hold of her so ended driving out here to let her know. She'd been great throughout the whole process and I felt bad that she was about to lose out on a big payday. I pulled up to the house and saw that her car was already the… Read more

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a bad day for jordan carver

CelebrityFetishLesbian Sex

One nice weekend morning Jordan Carver was relaxing in the garden of his house when he suddenly received a call from an unknown number The hours passed and the agreed time arrived and Jordan set off to meet his client… Read more

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Fucked On The Ranch

Gay MaleAnalBDSM

I'm in the kitchen washing dishes, my back to the door. Suddenly I feel a hand grab and squeeze my ass then I feel hot breath on my neck. "Mmmm...you must be John's friend," a voice whispers in my ears. Knowing it wasn't my lover John, I turned around and went to push him away, but before I could, John's off-again, on-again jerk of a boyfriend quickly embraced me and slammed his face against mine, pushing his tongue down my throat and locking my lips with his. I felt one hand feel up my backside, then under my s… Read more

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An Orgasmic Uber Ride

Gay MaleMasturbationShemale Porn

"Chris?" the Uber driver asked me after driving up and rolling down his window. "Yes," I replied and then I got into the passenger seat next to him. I usually ride upfront in Uber rides because I get car sick easily in the back. After fastening my seat belt we were off. The guy was older, maybe mid-50s, white or Hispanic, and had a beard and mustache. I could tell he was gay from his voice and mannerisms, and from all the gay paraphernalia in his car, like the rainbow color and even the rainbow flag everywhere.… Read more

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Showing her the ropes

First TimeHardcore

Showing Her “The Ropes” by TKTrucker3 (Tom K) Donna Anderson peered over the edge of her coffee cup at her young neighbor. She was a little concerned about what Cheri was telling her. Cheri and her new husband had only been married a few months, and had recently moved in next door. The two women became fast friends and got together quite often over coffee on Saturday mornings where they shared their lives. This particular morning, the subject had turned to their love lives, and Donna, being a very sexual minded woman could sense that something was bothering her friend. Cheri had remained… Read more

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Walking with the Moon

Gay MaleFetish

{This story is real. I wrote this a couple days after this actually happened. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I know you will not be able to enjoy it as much as I did living it.} I had to work late today, later than usual. It was almost ten o’clock at night when I was able to leave, but instead of just going home I decided to hang out at the bar attached to where I worked. I had made Larry stay with me at work to help out, but mostly to keep an eye on him. Larry was a c***dish young man who would tend to get himself into trouble if not always watched, so whenev… Read more

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Winter Vacation

AnalGroup SexLesbian Sex

There are eight of us. There is my wife Lauren and three of her sorority sisters and me (I’m Al) and three of my fraternity brothers. We all graduated within a year of each other and we all got married within a couple of years after college. We have been fast friends ever since. Every winter we all go on vacation together. We have been to exotic islands, rented houses large enough for all of us on some of the best beaches we can find but this year we had decided to do a winter vacation in a cold location. It takes quite a bit of effort to pull these vacations off, not the least of which is fin… Read more

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Walking alone through a dark alley

AnalMatureInterracial Sex

I began a new job as secretary in an oil company that summer. I used to leave my office at early evening, when normally it was not so dark outside yet. But one day in Autumn, I had my car out of order and I had to come back home by walking. It was not too far from our home, but by night it was a bit cold and dark. I thought to cut way through a back alley. I had entered there, when a strange sound behind made me turn around. My heart raced when I saw two young black men following me. They both soon reached close to me, one on each side. "Can I help you?" I asked them, trying to show a fearle… Read more

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Anita used by a BBC in front of me...

AnalVoyeurInterracial Sex

I was sent to Dallas on a quick business trip and Ana asked me to come with me, just to pay a visit to some friends there. We were resting in our seats during the flight and I could notice that she was looking in a persistent way at a black male flight attendant. He was a tall young man, handsome, but I thought he could be gay. I asked Ana if she would like to have that man inside her. She smiled and replied that he was just a good looking man and she knew what I was guessing; but he could not be gay… I smiled and challenged her to prove I was wrong. She did not even answer me; my sexy babe… Read more

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I love that adorable Sue's butt...


I had met Burt and his wife Sue a bar that Anita and I used to go to. We had become friends. Both guys were very friendly. Sue was hot. A bit bubbly, but her curves made her very sexy… After a year of meeting at that bar, they held a party at their house. I went alone, since Ana was on a business trip away. It was spring time and people were all outside in their back yard; most of us were just talking, drinking; enjoying the warm evening. Sue came over me and asked if I could go with her inside. She led me to the kitchen, swinging her nice hips as I followed her. I looked at her nice cu… Read more

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